Featured Scientific Software Projects

► Computational methods for differential algebraic equations (DAEs)

Development of computational methods for the initialization of high index Differential Algebraic Equations (causalization algorithm, tearing variables treatment, solvability checking, non-linear solver, index reduction algorithm, constrain method, matching algorithms, state variable selection and under-determined/over-determined/determined equation system treatment).

Meshing procedure for computational fluid dynamic solver (+ info)

The procedure is based on free software and own code. It's able to handle high density digital elevation models (DEM) in an efficient way and modify them adding constructions.

► Composite laminate optimization based on genetic algorithms (+ info)

The algorithm includes the following options and works with the finite element software ANSYS:
  • Multiple load states.
  • Static Analysis.
  • Failure criteria.
  • Displacement criteria.
  • Low natural frequency (free and prestressed).
  • Maximum load factor in linear buckling.

► Text mining
  • Hierarchical classification system based on artificial intelligence (AI).
  • Semantic recommendation system (it doesn't require user interaction).
They were developed for the ebook search engine Neotake. The AI algorithm was also used for tweet classification.

► Computational geometry algorithms
  • Delaunay triangulation.
  • Contour polyline calculation for topographic surveys.
  • Linear, quadratic and cubic B-Splines.
  • De Boor's algorithm.

These algorithms were implemented as part of a CAD application for surveyors (+ info).