Scientific programming

Data science software

Estimating hourly population flows in the Netherlands based on telecommunication signaling data (role: development of the big data code based on Spark,

Propensity to move predictions based on machine learning (

A new Method for Automating Business Data Collection of Official Statistics through APIs ( and

Full text search engine based on MySQL database (

Data/metadata collection and processing using web-bots, APIs, spiders and screen scrapers (

Hierarchical classification system based on Bayesian methods (

Semantic recommendation system without user interaction (

Automatic data collection method applied to Farm Management Information Systems data

Deep Learning platform for Earth Observation Data analysis (frontend & backend)

Simulation software

► Computational methods for the initialization of Differential Algebraic Equations (

► Preprocessing software for hydraulic finite element simulation (

Optimization software

Composite laminate optimization based on genetic algorithms 

 Development of auto-tuning tool based on optimization algorithms (

CAD software

► Computational geometry algorithms (

  • Delaunay triangulation.
  • Contour polyline calculation for topographic surveys.
  • Linear, quadratic and cubic B-Splines.
  • De Boor's algorithm.

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